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My Apologies to HotS Teammates

I have a love/hate relationship with the the Daily Quest system of HotS.

Heroes of the Storm - HotS

I love the fact that it encourages people to play roles that they are not familiar with, but I hate that it makes ME play roles that I am bad at.

In most games, I tend to focus on healers or support characters and less on tanks and DPS, but this quest system basically forces me to play and typically lose every few games by making me 'try' to play a role I am not very good at. I suppose I don't HAVE to play these roles, but if I wish to earn bonus gold I do. Bonus gold, which as a F2P player, I need to buy champs or mounts.

I guess I just have to apologize to whoever gets on my team when I attempt to complete one of the assassin or warrior quests. I'll try my best, but I'm just not that good at these roles.

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Morning Ramble #3


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Morning Ramble #2

World Cup

Pretty excited to see that the United States Women have made it to the World Cup finals. They seem to be a fairly good team. Especially their goalie who as far as I can tell has only given up a single goal during the entire world cup championship. I suppose I am a fair weather fan in that I only pay attention to soccer every couple years when somebody is having a World Cup or maybe the Olympics are on or something like that but I find the sport somewhat interesting. Of course being an American, the low scores are kind of offputting and I do like to see a bit more action than kicking the ball around a little bit, but I do enjoy some of the strategies. Also, for whatever reason I, seem to feel that the women's game tends to have less dramatic acting from the players. Whenever I watch a men's game it always seems that somebody acts as though they have had their leg chopped off as as they try to kick the ball when nobody was around. It really gets annoying seeing these people pretend to have been injured when camera angles clearly display there was no contact. In any case, I wish the American women lots of luck in their game Sunday.

Monopoly Movie

I guess monopoly is going to be made into a movie.

I believe they are basing it off of Atlantic City and the boardwalk area there, but it sounds kind of interesting. I'm not really sure how they are going to be able to make it that exciting since you're simply buying properties, buying houses, building hotels. I guess if you're Donald Trump or a fan of real estate television you might enjoy these type of things. Not sure how they're going to get much action into such a story. But then I was very skeptical about the battleship movie before it came out. It was a fairly decent film and I enjoyed the action in it so I guess perhaps they can put something together for monopoly. Maybe aliens are trying to buy up everything around their landing zone in Atlantic City?

World of Warships

Speaking about battleship,

I just got an email indicating that World of Warships is in open beta right now. I really enjoyed the World of Tanks and I had some fun in World of Warplanes even though I didn't play it that much. I think the Warship experience could be a lot of fun. I'm downloading it as I write this and will see how the game plays at least in its beta phase. I haven't checked but since I enjoyed the iPad World of Tanks game I would play the World of Warplanes or World of Warships on an iPad. I'll have to see if they have those games out.


Real True Blood

Apparently in England, they are going to be starting human tests in 2017 using artificial blood. This blood uses lab generated red blood cells to supply oxygen to the body. According to New Scientist, there has already been a few subjects that received similar treatment back in 2011, but since blood donations are significantly down in the UK (a decline of 40%), they want to move forward with testing this substitute. While I think the Vampires will be excited with this True Blood development, I strongly feel that people should donate blood whenever they can so synthetic blood is only needed in emergencies.


Morning Ramble #2

#WorldOfWarships #WorldCup #Monopoly #TrueBlood


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Morning Ramble #1

Freeway Prayer

There was a lot of traffic this morning on the way in to work and even a truck with a sign indicating the freeway was slowing to a stop so I looked up the cause. Sadly there was a multiple car accident in which a minivan flipped over. I certainly hope everyone is relatively well – the CHP app did say there was an ambulance en route. I said a prayer and took the nearest off ramp that allowed me to get where I was headed via an alternate route. Even with this incident, the freeway is still the faster and less frustrating route in the morning since I totally believe the construction workers on the surface streets purposely take their time and cause the road work to go on for months.

Found Earhart

I was finally able to find my login information for one of my League of Legends alts. She's only level 19, but since my gameplay on my main resulted in me falling to Bronze V, I decided to give Earhart a turn. I fired up a draft match on Summoner's Rift and went with Morgana as my support champ. I didn't have a mastery page set up for support so I worked to load it up with support talents but forgot to save it so ended up with NO masteries. My lane partner was Vayne and she was pretty good. Between the two of us, we carried the game with her getting 11 and me getting 6 kills.

Zoo on CBS

Watched a new show called Zoo last night. It was alright – not really good, not really bad, just kinda standard summer tv. Apparently animals – specifically lions in this episode – have mutated in some fashion and are now attacking people. There were attacks in LA and in Botswana and the lions are winning so far. James Wolk (from The Crazy Ones – loved it), Kristen Connolly (I don't recognize her, but IMDB says she was in The Cabin in the Woods – guess I don't recall that movie too well) and Nonso Anozie (I recognize him as Xaro Daxos from Game of Thrones) seem to be the main characters, although Nonso's Abraham could very well be dead at this point. I'll keep my Tivo recording this for now and see what the next couple of episodes are like.


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Unable to connect to Riot game servers

Wow, things have been pretty crazy and I haven't been getting in much time for gaming lately. When I did have a hour yesterday, I tried to play a game of League of Legends since HotS was in Tuesday maintenance mode, but when I got into the game, I lost connection. I restarted the game, but it would not connect. Rebooting my computer didn't help either. It wasn't my internet – I had no problem logging in or searching for solutions on Google, so I have no idea what was wrong with my connection specifically to Riot's game server. Oh well, I'm sure I got flagged by my fellow players for being AFK, but regardless of what I did, I could not get into the game.

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The Brink of Crap

Published on June 30, 2015 by in TV

Watched The Brink second episode and I'm not sure I'll be watching any more.

They are really trying hard to modernize Dr. Strangelove but I think they fail pretty miserably. The only interesting things I've found is trying to figure out what parts of Dr. Strangelove they are trying to copy with each scene. With a decent cast of Tim Robbins, Jack Black, John Larroquette and many others, I thought it might be worth watching and I suppose I've given it a chance by watching the first two episodes, but even at only a half hour each, they have been a struggle. So sad that the network that airs Game of Thrones puts this thing on as well.

Dr. Strangelove

Much better than The Brink


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First Thoughts on Sunday’s SDCC2015 Schedule

Sunday is always a bit odd as the wrapup day of Comic-Con.

There are some big panels and a bunch of smaller ones, but I usually use the day to ensure I get to see everything one last time in the exhibit hall. This year is probably not going to be much different as I found 11 panels I am interested in, though my filter criteria is even more strict as I know I'll be pretty tired come Sunday.

TV panels today include Supernatural, Children's Hospital, Heroes Reborn, and FX TV – The Strain and Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Growing Galaxies: The Star Citizen Story game panels look interesting. The animation representatives for Sunday are Sailor Moon and Adventure Time: The Enchiridion and Marcy's Super Secret Scrapbook, and Lev Grossman of The Magicians will have a panel about his book and the adaptations that are coming down the road. The last two panels of my interest bookend the day with the Comic-Con How-to: Plot Structure panel in the morning and the No Tow Trucks Beyond Mars panel closing things down at 4pm.

Even with fewer panels, Sunday still has tons of stuff going on and trying to see everything and get thru the exhibit hall one last time, really takes effort.

One the whole, it looks like this is going to be a fun and exciting Comic-Con. Now that the programming schedule has been fully released, I've got to take the time to lay out my plans for what to see. As you can tell, my interests are all over the place so I'm sure I'll be able to have something to keep me occupied the entire weekend.

#SDCC2015 #Comic-Con


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First thoughts about Saturday’s SDCC 2015 Schedule

The bookends for Saturday are Last Man on Earth and Supergirl – not too bad.

Some big movie panels are this day as well, with Legendary Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Brothers among the panels but they haven't spelled out what movies they will be spotlighting. The masquerade is Saturday, and the TV Guide Fan Favorites panel which always has interesting guests. I count 39 panels for Saturday of interest, but my criteria is becoming more strict – I could have easily considered more.

For new TV:

  • Into the Badlands (AMC)
  • Childhood's End (SyFy)
  • Blindspot (NBC)
  • Colony (USA)
  • Outcast
  • The Muppet Show (ABC)
  • The Expanse
  • Warner Brothers TV – Supergirl (CBS)
  • Warner Brothers TV – DC: Legends of Tomorrow (CW)
  • Warner Brotehrs TV – Vixen (CW)

For returning TV we have:

  • Last Man on Earth (Fox)
  • Warner Brothers TV – Flash
  • Warner Brothers TV – Gotham
  • Warner Brothers TV – Arrow
  • 12 Monkeys (SyFy)
  • Grimm (NBC)
  • Hannibal (NBC)
  • TV Guide Fan Favorites

For Animation:

  • The Simpsons (Fox)
  • The Awesomes (Hulu)
  • Wander over Yonder (Disney)
  • Marvel Animation

For movies, I already mentioned 3 of the big ones above and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Quenton Tarantino's Hateful Eight.

For Comics:

  • Andre the Giant
  • Kodanshi Comics who do Attack on Titan
  • DC Grant Morrison
  • Marvel House of Ideas
  • Spotlight on Stan Lee
  • Dr Who Comics

Other interesting panels

  • Kaiju Kingdom Podcast
  • Spotlight on J Michael Straczynski
  • Joss Whedon
  • Adam Savage
  • Anything goes with John Barrowman
  • Babble On with the cast of Babylon 5
  • Lost podcast and beyond

For Games:

  • Obsidian Entertainment
  • Total War: Warhammer

My top 5 for Saturday are:

  • Childhood's End (SyFy)
  • Into the Badlands (AMC
  • Total War: Warhammer
  • Warner Brothers TV – Flash
  • Warner Brothers TV – DC: Legends of Tomorrow (CW)
  • But there are easily many more I'd like to put into my top 5.

    One more overview and then I can start to figure out what I am going to focus on seeing and waiting in line for.

#SDCC2015 #Comic-Con


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First thoughts about Friday’s SDCC 2015 Schedule

If Thursday was packed with panels, Friday has even more. I counted 42 panels that I could easily see myself attending and at least a dozen more that I filtered out because it got so overwhelming.

Friday's panels include a bunch of new television including AMC's Fear the Walking Dead, Fox's Minority Report, Lucifer, MTV's Shannara Chronicles, Amazon's Man in the High Castle, USA's Colony, and Starz' Ash vs Evil Dead. But the shows that are already on air take up plenty of space too – Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The 100, Jim Hensen's Creature Shop Challenge, Agents of Shield, Vikings, iZombie, and Orphan Black.

A lot of animation is on display Friday as well – Archer, TMNT, Adventure Time, Rick and Morty, Justice League: Gods and Monsters, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever.

Some interesting panels include Project Orangutan that highlights the plight of the nearly extinct species, the Eisner awards, Ghostbusters, and Sharknado 3.

As far and gaming goes, there are rooms for Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Marvel Heroes 2015, and Firefly Online that talk about specific games, but then there is also a panel that deals with gaming in general – Creating Multiplayer Worlds: Storytelling in MMOs and MOBAs that looks intriguing.

Content creation Is highlighted in a couple of presentations on Creating Comics with the iPad and Adobe Photoshop.

And then there is Lucas Films, Kevin Smith, and The Aquabats. These last 3 are gonna be packed – Star Wars and Kevin Smith in Hall H back-to-black, and Aquabats in 29AB which is always too small for the Aquabat's crowd.

Once again interesting programming starts at 10am and runs though the whole day until 10:30pm.

I think the previously mentioned Lucas Films will be the busiest along with Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead which means I'll probably steer clear of Hall H until maybe Kevin Smith after 7pm.

Of all the goodness Friday, I think the 4 panels I am really gonna make an effort to attend are:

  • The 100 @ 12:30
  • iZombie @ 5:45
  • Adventure Time @ 11
  • Man in the High Castle @ 2:15

So much to see, I hope they make videos of all the panels so I can watch the ones I miss.

#SDCC2015 #Comic-Con


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First thoughts about Thursday’s SDCC 2015 Schedule

If the panels announced for Thursday at Comic-Con were the only ones at the show, the event would still be packed with goodness for fans of all persuasions. Panels that I would expect to be on Friday or Saturday have migrated to Thursday because so much is being crammed into this weekend. On first scan, I found 31 panels that I wanted to attend. 31 panels and that is only Thursday – I have a feeling I am going to be wiped out after this year's con.

In the realm of current television, Dr. Who and Sherlock from BBC America are there as well as MTV's Teen Wolf, Playstation's Powers, Netflix' Sense8, SyFy's Dark Matter, Damien, TNT's The Last Ship, and one of my favorites, Comedy Central's Drunk History. Of those, I've seen Dr. Who, Teen Wolf, and The Last Ship before and they were all pretty good. I'd really like to see the two panels presented by NASA on Thursday – The Journey to Mars which includes author Andy Weir who wrote The Martian, and Turning Science Fiction into Science Fact. I missed the astronauts last year so I might make an extra effort to see these panels this year. Any time I can see real scientists talking about science fiction I try to be there. And then there is a panel on building a holodeck that looks really interesting.

Books and writing get a smattering of panels on Thursday with The Modern Fairytale, The Resurgence of Science Fiction, Authors of Epic Fantasy, Worldbuilding, and Character Creation. None of the movie panels look particularly exciting for me, but a few blogging/podcast panels look like fun – Wrath of Con Bloggers, The Comixologist Traveling Podcast Party, and Geek and Sundry I'm sure would be entertaining. In the realm of gaming, I am looking at possibly attending the Blizzard showcase, the Call of Duty panel, and the Nerdist Gaming panel, thought the last one starts at 9pm. Two panels that seem really interesting and bookend the day are The Buffy Effect: Teen Heroines Then and Now and Psychology of Cult TV Shows – both of these could be very educational and seeing as I love Buffy, I might just have to get there early to make the 10am panel.

All in all, Thursday seems like it will be jam-packed with lots of interesting stuff. I'm gonna have to do my usual analysis once the entire schedule is out so I can see what rooms to camp out in and when it is better to stand in a line.3 more days until the schedule is fully released…then I can really get ready for the con.

#SDCC2015 #Comic-Con


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Jurassic World (2015)

Just saw Jurassic world last night and I was pleasantly impressed. The movie seems to have followed the winning formula that the original put into play many years ago. Dinosaurs, a sprinkling of science, and a bunch of action. I did miss Jeff Goldblum though. And I did get the sense that the drive to create bigger and newer dinosaurs was kind of analogous to the need to create new and more realistic CGI. I think it worked but I'm still impressed with the original dinosaurs from Jurassic Park.

I was pleasantly surprised that Michael Giacchino was able to integrate the brilliant score of John Williams into the current musical composition. I usually enjoy his work and by placing the original theme throughout the music he really created an emotional high.

The movie definitely could have been shorter by throwing out the parents because they added next to nothing to the entire show. The kids were pretty good, and I liked Chris Pratt, but I'm not sure about Richie Cunningham's daughter…Bryce Dallas Howard – there was just something 'off' about her – I don't think the script gave her much to work with other than running through the jungle in heels.

I suppose on the whole, the stars were the dinosaurs rather than the people who seemed to be mostly archetypes, and the CGI was better than the previous movies although not as groundbreaking as the original.

I give this movie a B-. Entertaining – definitely; could have used a better storyline – sure; but with dinosaurs, you don't really need much substance.

#JurassicWorld #Movies


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