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A Thirsty Sea Captain – Captain Tremouille [ESO]

Captain Tremouille is one of the first people you meet at Vulkhel Guard.

I think he waited till we were docked before drinking

He is the captain of the ship that rescued you after you reappeared in Tamriel if you follow Aldmeri Dominion faction. He also points you in the direction of Khenarthi's Roost where you will find Razum-dar and your early questing. To get over there, he suggests looking of Sugar-Claws down on the dock. In all, he starts you on the Storm on the Horizon questline.

Views from Beyond the Gate #9 | Elder Scrolls Online #1


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Fast & Furious – Ultra Rapid Fire in League of Legends [LOL]

The Ultra Rapid Fire mode of League of Legends provides for a pretty fun and quick match. In it, you have a special “Awesome Buff of Awesomely Awesome Buffing” buff that provides a number of significant benefits.

This buff pretty much turns the strategy of your standard LOL Summoner's Rift into a Call of Duty type free for all. Everyone is spamming spells all the time with no fear of running OOM or anything.

Some champs are better at it than others and have been permabanned by Riot – Sona, Kassadin, Soraka, Hecarim, Nidalee, Alistar, Kayle, Skarner . Others are still really good – Maokai, Brand, Urgot. Yes – Urgot, who has one of the worst winning percentages in the league is good at this mode.

There has also been some discussion about whether it should stay or go. I am sorta ambivalent on the idea – keep it and play it if you want to have a faster paced, more twitch based game with little concern for strategy; don't play it if you want to focus on positioning and tactical laning. That said, I am probably running about a 50% win rate, but I have tried out champs that I have not played before. I actually considered buying Maokai to see how he feels dominating matches like he is.

In any case, I find the URF mode fun and a nice diversion from regular LOL.


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So much better with cooler temperatures – Week 5 Day 3 [EXE]

Today was much better for exercise and much cooler. It was about 20 degrees cooler when I went out to start my run – 71 degrees is a good temp for running. I still made sure to stay hydrated and I was happy to crank out 20 burpees. I think burpees are my most hated exrcise right now, and 20 of them is really a push for me. They are really a whole body exercise as opposed to something like a push-up or a squat and they get my heart pounding. For some reason, though, they don't seem to hurt me much running – lunges seem to slow down my running the most right now.

Week 5 Day 3:

  • 2×40 Push-ups
  • 2×35 seconds Plank
  • 20 Plank Reaches
  • 20 Burpees
  • Running – 20:15 minutes = 1.70 miles


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The heat can tire you out quickly – Week 5 Day 2 [EXE]

Wow, I thought yesterday was warm, but today topped it – 91 degrees. The heat really wiped me out too, so much so, that I passed on doing my core workout post running. Even with the heat, though, I wanted to make sure to get in a workout. I felt good about pushing myself.

Week 5 Day 2:

  • 40 Push-ups
  • 35 seconds Plank
  • 15 Plank Reaches
  • 2×20 seconds
  • - 13/12 Squats
  • - 12/12 Jumping Knee Tucks
  • - 16/15 Planks Jacks
  • Running – 20:34 minutes = 1.54

I think tomorrow I will try to get my exercise in earlier in the day before it gets too hot.


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Spinning with the Monkey King – Bronze IV Game 6 [LOL]

Game 6 in my ladder climb was a marathon. 54 minutes of back and forth fighting that eventually ended in a very sweet victory. I had last pick in this game and was able to pick jungle and went with Wukong again. I am enjoying him in the jungle and as I play him more, I think I am getting better.

Bronze IV – Game 6 – 54 LP
BANS – Amumu, Vi, Akali/ Nasus, Kass, Mundo
Our Team – Heimer(m), Lulu(s), Draven(a), Renekton(t), Wukong(j)
Opposing Team – Jax(t), Kha'Zix(j), Vel'Koz(m), Malphite(s), Miss Fortune(a)
My Role & Champ – Jungle – Wukong
Map Side – PURPLE

Purple side – start Blue Buff

I started blue buff since that enabled me to get the most help. By going to whichever buff is closest to the bottom lane, it gives you the chance to get more help in the leash. By getting both bot laners and mid laner to help, finishing off the monster and getting the buff usually goes a lot quicker. The only issue I have seen with this so far is if the opponent has a fast jungler like Lee Sin or Udyr where they can grab their top buff and then sit waiting for you to show up at your top buff. I've had that happen a few times with bad consequences. Because of this, I usually throw down my trinket ward in the bush near my top buff before I start attacking the monsters. In this game, I did not have that problem going against Kha'Zix, and the 3 leashers (Heimer, Draven, and Lulu) got me my buff by 2:07. Blue buff in hand I had the red buff by 2:50 and was looking to cause some trouble for the enemy. MF, however, had other ideas, taking first blood on Draven by 3:01. Renekton took Jax down next at 3:25 and Heimer was doing fine mid, so I decided to farm a bit while my team got itself together.

Once Draven came back to lane, I went down to harass as much as my level 3 skills would allow, firing my Decoy (w) and jumping in with my Nimbus Strike (e) – Crushing Blow (q) combo against Miss Fortune, but she flashed out of any further damage. After some more jungle farming I hit Jax in the top lane a few times, but was too low on HP so I backed without causing too much damage.

Heimer in the Middle

Heimer was keeping both Vel'Koz and Kha'Zix occupied in mid lane so I kept jumping from bot to top lanes trying to give my laners an advantage. When the buff monsters came back, I grabbed Blue and helped Heimer knock down the mid turret. Then seeing MF over extended, I ran down and helped Draven pick up his first kill. Backing, I grabbed Red and helped Renekton take out Jax and we were feeling good. At 10 minutes, we were ahead 6 kills to 2 and had taken out their mid turret. Shortly after, though, Vel'Koz unleashed his ultimate on me and I fell to his Disintegration Ray – that thing hurts. Bot lane exchaged turrets, and when I got back to mid lane, I took out Vel'Koz to square things with him – too bad for him, his ultimate was not yet off cool down.

Mid Game

At 13 minutes we were well into mid game. We had taken down all of their outer turrets and their mid inner turret and had a 2k lead in gold. I was counter jungling and had all of the buffs timed to make sure that someone on our team grabbed them. I only had 2 kills and 2 assists, but was ahead of Kha'Zix who was stuck at 1 kill. One thing I need to be careful of though, is hitting my ult when meaning to Nimbus Strike. I wasted a Cyclone on the Blue buff instead of hitting my E – I need to make sure that my fingers are placed properly at all times. This was particularly bad since R was on cooldown when I ran to a team fight in the mid lane. I got a kill on Vel'Koz and Jax, but I probably could have taken more if I had my ultimate.

Taking down turrets

I have learned that Wukong is pretty good at taking down turrets. His Q does quite a bit of damage against them and with his Nimbus Strike, he can get a decent attack speed buff from hitting minions and then use the extra attacks on the turret. I took out the bot and top inner turrets solo while my team was fighting 4v4 and then when I came to the fight, we aced them. We were definitely looking good. At 26 minutes, we were up by 6 kills 32-26 and had a 3k lead in gold. I had the most kills on either team at 11, but my 6 deaths were not what I wanted – I will need to work on that.

Drawing it out

Around 30 minutes, we started running into a bad pattern though. For whatever reason, we were exchanging kills in such a manner that we could not take out their inhibitor turrets. We maintained our 6 kill advantage, but could not get through their defense while they could not do much against us – we kinda hit a stalemate. Even with an ace at 35 minutes, we were only able to get one inhibitor down before they came back with a strong defense. And then they turned things around and pushed down mid lane to take out our outer turret. They had some really good defense that was just keeping us from finishing the game. We managed to take out their top inhibitor, but then they scored an ace on us and pushed back up mid. It seemed we were making progress, but it was very slow and they seemed to be on the verge of a comeback every couple of minutes.


By minute 41, minions had taken down both of their nexus turrets and the nexus was wide open, but the game would continue for over 10 more minutes while we fought back and forth. Jax would split push and knock down a turret only for me to go take him out, but he would be back to push another lane. Their inhibitors came back multiple times and we could not keep them down. I really think we got sloppy at the end. We could have lost the game if we had not done so much damage to them earlier. At minute 47, Renekton and I tried to race to their nexus for the win, but they were ready for us and we lost out 2v5 – their reactions were very good this game and one moment they may be split pushing, while the next they were back defending base. They definitely had their communication working and were able to get around quickly when needed. Looking back, Vel'Koz and MF came into the game as a duo so they may have had verbal communication (Ventrillo, Teamspeak, Mumble) since it seemed they were so well coordinated.

Baron and Win

At 51 minutes, they pushed to the point where they took out our mid inhibitor and with the way we had been playing for 20 minutes, I thought it was over. They had overtaken us in kills 67 to 66 and were ahead by 7k gold. How this happened is beyond me – I know Jax and Kha'Zix are good late game champs, but I did not expect this when we were dominating so much early and mid game. We were desperate so we grouped up and took out the Baron at 53 minutes. I'm not sure if it was the buff or the fact that we were actually all together as a team at the end, but at 53:57 we took out their nexus and won. I finished with the most kills at 22, but am not happy about my 14 deaths even though everyone had double digit deaths in this one.

What I learned

  • Wukong is NOT a tank. I went into fights too many times with low hit points only to get killed. I may have damaged many of my opponents, but I am not sure if the death was worth it since it opened opportunities for the enemy.
  • Be careful to only use my Cyclone when I want to and not by accidentally hitting R.
  • I need to work on not getting caught by myself – Wukong does much better with a team around him because of his passive bonuses.

Game Result – WIN
My K/D/A/CS – 22/14/14/201
Final Build – Ravenous Hydra, Frozen Mallet, Randuin's Omen, Spirit Visage, The Black Cleaver, Mercury's Treads with Homeguard


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Starting to Heat Up – Week 5 Day 1 [EXE]

Today was pretty warm – it was 85 degrees when I started my workout and I could tell I was slower than I have been recently. When the temperature starts rising like this, it is always important to remain hydrated.

Week 5, Day 1:

  • 2×38 Push-ups
  • 2×30 second Planks
  • 15 Plank Reaches
  • 15 Burpees
  • Running – 20:06 = 1.58 miles
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Exercise Week 4 Recap [EXE]

A little late with my weekly recap, but here is what I did last week.

Week 4 Recap:

  • 5 workouts
  • Push-ups – 10 sets = 336
  • Planks – 10 sets = 280 seconds (4:40 minutes)
  • Squats – 8 set = 118
  • Burpees – 2 sets = 12
  • Running – 1:40:30 = 8.28 miles

I took the last 2 days of the week off since I had already made it past my goal of 4 workouts a week and I had a bunch of other things that were taking priority. I still feel that having put in 5 days of exercise, I pushed myself this week. I am feeling pretty good both physically and mentally about my workout program and am looking forward to continuing it.


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The Escape Concludes – Level 2 [ESO]


In the last episode, our Heroine Indagatrix – I'll call her Trixie for now – started out her journey waking up in a prison cell. Called by the Prophet to rescue him, she beat up on some skeletons, and skilled up to level 2. With her new skills and rusty weapons, she is ready to continue her escape from Coldharbour and the realm of Molag Bal.

Tower of Eyes

Getting past the Skeletal Archer opened the way for Trixie to speak with Lyris Titanborn.

Lyris is another prisoner who is trying to help the Prophet make good his escape. She knows a bit about Coldharbor and leads the way to the Towers of Eyes and the next step in our escape. The Towers of Eyes are located in a large cavern with, of all things, towers in it. The Eyes refer to the Sentinels that Molag Bal has placed on top of the towers in this cavern. Apparently these sentinels are his way of keeping an eye on his prison and keeping the soul shriven locked up. By taking down one of the sentinels, we should be able to make good our escape.

On our way to blind the sentinels, we encounter a number of Feral Shriven who are soul shriven like Trixie, but who have gone insane from their time spent in the Wailing Prison.

Flame Atronach ready to be slain

We also run into Flame Atronachs who seem to be stationed as guards in the area. Getting past these increases Trixie's One hand and Shield skill to level 3 and her Puncturing Strikes to rank 2.

It also paves the way to a sentinel which is easily destroyed.

The Undercroft

Unfortunately, as Lyris and Trixie head to the prophet's cell, they are informed that Molag Bal is aware of their progress and he is actively taking steps against them. Part of which is his warding of the Prophet's cell. Thwarted in this frontal assault, Lyris guides Trixie to friends who can help.

Cadwell suggests going through the Undercroft to free the Prophet so we head that way, although he warns of the traps that line the path. By jumping, dodging, and sneaking through the Undercroft, Trixie arrives at the ladder to the Prophet's cell.

Climbing up though, she learns that she will have to part with Lyris before meeting the Prophet. While saddened, the goal has been to free the Prophet and that must be done at all costs. Perhaps we'll see Lyris in the future.

Lyris trades places with the Prophet

The Child of Bones

With the Prophet now freed, we need to escape Coldharbour, and that means facing off against a formidable minion of Molag Bal called the Child of Bones.

Molag Bal calling forth his minion

This fight is more involved than the those against the skeletons so far, but with the aid of the Prophet, we defeat him and prepare to get out of hell.

The Child of Bones is on a rampage

But first, Trixie gets her first Skyshard to help power the escape.

And then she must take a leap of faith following the Prophet.

The Prophet leads the way out of Coldharbour

Alive Again

All is good, though as she finds herself in what looks like a cabin somewhere, and although she feels somewhat whole again, the Prophet appears to have materialized somewhere else.

Once again I'm talking to the Prophet's projection

Talking to the Prophet's projection, we complete the first quest in the game – Soul Shriven in Coldharbour – for which Trixie gains a skill point and a bunch of experience that pushes her to level 3. On the whole, she gains 2 skill points, an attribute point, Aedric Spear is increased to 4, Puncturing Strikes is bumped up to rank III, and she gains the Soul Magic skill line.

Allocation of points

The attribute point goes to Magicka again, to improve her ability to cast multiple spells. She then adds Sun Fire for some ranged offense and takes her first healing spell – Rushed Ceremony.

Next Time…

Now that Trixie has escaped Coldharbour she seeks out the guilds of the Mages, the Fighters, and the Undaunted; she purchases a horse, and she heads to Khenarthi's Roost to learn of how she came to be at Vulkhel Guard.


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Skeletons Break Easily – Level 1 [ESO]

The first level of ESO is pretty straightforward and getting to level 2 is easy. There are no long periods of grinding or multiple quests to complete, you just simply need to follow where the game leads you. And in this, you have two choices – you can do the tutorial or you can skip it and get right into the game. I prefer the tutorial route because as I mentioned before, while skipping puts you at level 3 automatically, you can get a bunch of loot and variety of weapons if you go through The Wailing Prison.

Only 70 XP to Level 2

Going through the tutorial, you only need 70 XP to get to level 2. This 70 XP is gained simply by killing the 2 skeletons that confront you as you 'learn' to use the combat interface. Both the Skeletal Warrior and Skeletal Archer are worth 35 XP, so getting past both of them gets you up to level 2.

Indagatrix is Born

I am going to be going with a Breton Templar for my main character. Indagatrix will focus on being a healer, but will also need offensive skills of course to get through battles when there are no friends around.

Even though she is a Breton and technically they are of the Daggerfall Covenant, I will be going with the Aldmeri Dominion for my alliance since that is where my guild is. Fortunately, with the Digital Imperial Edition that I purchased, I can play any race in any faction, which is nice.

Meet the Prophet

Entering the world of ESO, Indagatrix starts as a Soul Shriven in Coldharbour. She is a prisoner who starts hearing the voice of The Prophet, who soon appears in her cell.

The Prophet is looking for a rescuer and has chosen you to be it. He sets things up so you can escape your cell and points you in the direction of freedom.

The Escape Begins

Escaping the prison is made much easier as you soon find a table covered in weapons for you to select. Inda grabbed them all and equipped a sword and shield to make her way through the dark caves of the prison.

Skeletal Warrior ready to die

A good thing too, since as pointed out earlier, she encounters a Skeletal Warrior who she quickly dispatches and then a Skeletal Archer who she defeats as well.

Not sure where this Skeletal Archer is shooting

Advance to Level 2

These two quick victories advance our heroine to level 2 where she has some choices to make. She receives an attribute point and a skill point to enhance her capabilities. Since the plan is for her to become a healer, I will place the attribute point into her Magicka which will let her cast more spells, and I will get her first spell, Puncturing Strikes to give her more offense. The Puncturing Strikes skill gives her an AOE attack that also knocks back the closest target which could come in handy.

With this new spell and added abilities, Indagatrix continues her journey through the Wailing Prison.

Next Time…

Tune in next time as the escape continues, Inda defeats a minion of Molag Bal called the Child of Bones, and we take our first steps at Vulkhel Guard.


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Updating my Core Challenge Routine – Week 4 Day 5 [EXE]

Core Challenge

Core Challenge from Neilarey.com

I realized today that I have been doing my Plank Reaches somewhat wrong. I think what I have been calling plank reaches are some kind of combination of a plank reach and a plank rotation. Basically I am in push-up position and I reach forward with one arm, then out to the side, then up in the air, and finally under my chest across my body. I felt it was a pretty good exercise, but I could not get close to the 30 or so that were asked for in the core challenge workout. After looking online a bit, I found a YouTube of someone doing some plank reaches.

They are planking with their elbows at 90 degrees and just reaching forward. This makes a lot more sense to me when I am being asked to do so many. I guess these can also be called elbow plank reaches, but they look similar to what is in the core challenge picture than what I was doing previously.

Today is the first day I am giving these new plank reaches a try. I'll only do 15 because they are new, but I hope to be able to ramp up to the number of reps asked for in the core challenge (I am supposed to be doing about the same number as push-ups).

Week 4 Day 5:

  • 2×38 Push-ups
  • 2×30 seconds Plank
  • 15 Plank Reaches
  • 2×20 seconds
  • - 23/21 Jumping Jacks
  • - 27/25 High Knees
  • - 13/15 Squats
  • Running 20:05 minutes = 1.73 miles

The 15 plank reaches were good, but different. I think I can catch up to the number of push-ups for at least the first set before I go running each day. After my run, I skipped them today, and I might do a reduced set at this point since I really get wiped out by the push-ups after my run as it is. We'll see how it goes.


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